Al-Powered Loss Prevention for Retail

Prevent fraud, reduce losses, and speed up retail checkout with our AI-powered technology.

saved on avg. per month per store
increase of throughput
increase in profitability
months return on investment (ROI)

Why Choose ScanWatch?

Top retail chains in Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Poland rely on ScanWatch, a comprehensive retail software suite, to enhance security, efficiency, and customer experience


Prevent checkout scams

Prevent common checkout fraud schemes, such as replacing barcodes and misdeclaring the weight of items.

Reduce manual supervision

Automating transactions reduces the need for employee assistance, lowering staff costs and boosting efficiency.

Improve user experience

By automating item recognition and speeding up checkout times, shopping becomes faster and more convenient.


391% Fraud prevention ROI

Achieve significant financial impact, boasting ROI in preventing fraud.

Over 4+ mln. theft alerts

ScanWatch has generated over 4 million theft alerts (and counting) with an accuracy rate of 98%, demonstrating robust fraud detection capabilities.

3x Times faster checkout

Enhance customer satisfaction with a checkout process that is three times faster.

Empower Your Retail With AI

Experience the power of artificial intelligence to boost your retail processes and performance.

ScanWatch Suite

Each product addresses specific retail challenges using cutting-edge AI solutions.

crimepredictor scanwatch


Prevent checkout fraud and reduce losses at self-checkout and manned counters. Features include item recognition, fraud detection, real-time monitoring, and CRM/POS integration.

picklist scanwatch

Picklist Assistant

Streamline the self-checkout process by automating the selection of unwrapped products. Enhance customer experience and scale to handle numerous products.

shelfwatch scanwatch


Prevent loss at the shelf by monitoring interactions and ensuring accurate product assignments. Includes loss prevention, anonymous tracking, and real-time alerts.

Getting Started

We’ll guide you through these four steps.

Setup and Integration

We start by integrating ScanWatch with your existing retail systems, ensuring a seamless and quick setup process.

Real-Time Monitoring

ScanWatch uses AI and computer vision to monitor checkouts and shelves in real-time, detecting any discrepancies or suspicious activities instantly.

Automated Alerts

When a potential issue is detected, ScanWatch automatically sends alerts to your store personnel, allowing for immediate action to prevent loss and improve security.

Continuous Improvement

Our system continuously learns and adapts, providing ongoing updates and enhancements to boost efficiency, reduce losses, and elevate the shopping experience.

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