Enhance Efficiency with Picklist Assistant – 3x Faster Item Picking

Transform your retail operations with our AI-powered Picklist Assistant, designed to streamline item picking and enhance customer satisfaction.

What is Picklist Assistant?

Benefits of Using Picklist Assistant

Picklist Assistant is a state-of-the-art AI solution designed to optimize the item picking process in retail environments. By leveraging advanced AI technology, it ensures faster, more accurate checkout fulfillment, boosting both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Traditionally, customers take about 10 seconds to find a product; with Picklist Assistant, this process is reduced to just up to 3 seconds.

Automates product selection
Our AI recognizes fruits and vegetables on the produce scale, eliminating confusion with non-barcoded products and incorrect entries.
Recognizes transparent bags and nets
Effectively identifies items even when placed in transparent bags and nets, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
High accuracy and speed
Achieves a 99% recognition accuracy and speeds up the item picking process by 3 times, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Seamless POS integration
Easily integrates with existing POS systems, streamlining the checkout process and improving operational efficiency.

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Key Features

Enhance your retail efficiency with Picklist Assistant’s advanced AI capabilities, designed to streamline item picking and ensure seamless integration across various checkout systems.

Versatile Deployment

Designed to seamlessly integrate with both self-checkout stations and manned checkout counters, providing flexibility and consistency across the store.


The system can be easily scaled across multiple locations, from single stores to large retail chains, ensuring consistent performance and management.

Centralized Management

Allows for centralized monitoring and management, enabling retailers to oversee multiple checkout points and streamline operations from a single platform.


Quick Overview

Quickly find detailed answers about Picklist Assistant, from product capabilities to system integration and operational benefits, providing all the information you need to see how it can revolutionize your retail operations.

How It Works?

Picklist Asistant in four steps.

Product Placement

The first step involves the customer placing the item they want to purchase on the scale at the self-checkout station. This action initiates the identification process by the system.

Item Recognition

Using sophisticated AI and computer vision technology, the system within seconds identifies the product based on its physical characteristics

Customer Review

The recognized product data is sent to the POS system and displayed on the screen, allowing the customer to see the suggested item.

Customer Confirmation

The final step involves the customer confirming the identified product on the checkout screen. This step ensures accuracy and prevents errors in the final purchase.

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