Prevent Retail Loss at the Shelves With ShelfWatch

Empower your retail operations with AI-driven shelf monitoring to enhance security and reduce shrinkage.

What is ShelfWatch?

Benefits of Using ShelfWatch

ShelfWatch is an advanced AI-powered solution designed to prevent theft and enhance security at the shelf level. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology, ShelfWatch monitors shopper interactions with products in real-time, ensuring that your shelves are always secure and losses are minimized.

Cost savings
Save 100% on EAS tags and hardware by eliminating the need for these traditional loss prevention measures with our advanced AI solution.
Boosted profitability
Increase store profitability by up to 0.51% through effective loss prevention and improved operational efficiencies.
Reduced bag checks
Conduct 91% fewer bag checks, streamlining the checkout process and enhancing the customer experience.
Seamless integration
ShelfWatch integrates effortlessly into your existing store infrastructure. Any camera with ONVIF/RTSP capabilities can be installed above each shelf of interest.
Scalable implementation
Easily scalable across different store sizes and types, making it suitable for both small shops and large retail chains.

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Key Features

Our ShelfWatch system offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance security, streamline store operations, and provide actionable insights. Discover how ShelfWatch can transform your retail environment with its cutting-edge technology and versatile capabilities.

Versatile Product Recognition

Detects any type of product, including bottles, packaged meat, cosmetics, and more, even if they are not barcoded.

Detailed Analytics Dashboard

Provides a comprehensive dashboard with detailed analytics on product interactions, theft incidents, and security trends, helping retailers make data-driven decisions.

AI-Driven Learning

Continuously improves its detection algorithms through AI-driven learning, adapting to new theft techniques and evolving security challenges, ensuring up-to-date protection.

Shelf Health Monitoring

Monitors shelf health by tracking product replenishment needs and alerting staff when shelves are running low, improving inventory management.

Automated Alerts

Automatically notifies store personnel of potential issues, enabling immediate corrective action and minimizing losses.

Remote Access and Monitoring

Enables remote access and monitoring capabilities, allowing security personnel to oversee shelf activities and respond to alerts from any location.


Quick Overview

Explore how ShelfWatch can help you manage shelf activity, prevent theft, and streamline store operations with minimal disruption to your current setup.

How It Works?

ShelfWatch in four steps.

Product Interaction Monitoring

A shopper picks a product from the shelf. ShelfWatch uses advanced AI to monitor these interactions in real-time.

Anonymous Appearance Matching

A shelf camera assigns the product to this shopper while ensuring anonymity.

Checkout Matching

A camera at the checkout matches the shopper, verifying that all picked items are scanned.

Real-Time Alerts and Correction

The AI notifies the shopper if a product was not scanned. The shopper corrects their basket and finishes the transaction.

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