About us

At ScanWatch, we’re dedicated to transforming retail security and efficiency through advanced AI and computer vision technologies.

Our Story

ScanWatch was founded by a team of AI specialists and retail consultants with extensive experience in the Baltics and Nordics region. Our journey began in 2019 when IT technology company Agmis partnered with retail security expert NetoBaltic. Together, they envisioned creating impactful real-world applications to address the pressing challenges faced by the retail industry. From this collaboration, ScanWatch was born. From its humble beginnings, ScanWatch has grown into a trusted partner for retailers worldwide, delivering state-of-the-art solutions that make a difference.

Our Mission

At ScanWatch, our mission is to transform retail security and efficiency through advanced AI and computer vision technologies. We aim to provide innovative solutions that help retailers enhance their operations, reduce losses, and improve the overall shopping experience for their customers.

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Our Technology

At the core of ScanWatch is our cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology. Our solutions monitor checkouts and shelves in real-time, preventing fraud, optimizing operations, and enhancing the customer experience. With features like automatic item recognition, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration with existing retail systems, our technology is designed to meet the demands of modern retail environments.

Prevent common checkout scams

Identify and prevent common fraud schemes such as barcode replacements and weight misdeclarations.

Reduce manual supervision

Automate transactions to reduce the need for employee assistance, lower staff costs, and boost efficiency.

Improve customer Experience

Enhance the shopping experience by automating item recognition and speeding up checkout times.

Meet Our Talented Team

A dedicated team of professionals, including AI specialists, computer vision engineers, and retail consultants, all working towards a common goal of transforming retail operations.

Evaldas Budvilaitis

Evaldas Budvilaitis


saulius kaukenas

Saulius Kaukėnas


Linas Svaikauskas

Linas Švaikauskas

Business Development Manager

Zygimantas Lukosevicius

Žygimantas Lukoševičius

Data Scientist

Ridas Buzius

Ridas Būzius

Software Developer

ieva bumbuliene

Ieva Bumbulienė

Data Scientist

Evelina Gasiune

Evelina Gasiūnė

Product Manager

Simas Jokubauskas

Simas Jokubauskas

Product Manager

Kamilis Jonkus

Kamilis Jonkus

Computer Vision Engineer

Gintaras Stankevicius

Gintaras Stankevičius

Data Scientist

Irmantas Linkis scaled e1719820737742

Irmantas Linkis

Computer Vision Engineer

Ramunas Berkmanas CMO digital marketing specialist

Ramūnas Berkmanas

Chief Marketing Officer

Transform Retail Efficiency And Security Today

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