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Prevent checkout fraud, reduce losses, and enhance operational efficiency with our advanced AI solution.

What is Crime Predictor?

Benefits of Using Crime Predictor

Crime Predictor is an innovative AI-powered solution designed to prevent checkout fraud and reduce losses at self-checkout counters. Our technology ensures accurate item recognition, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration with your existing retail systems.

Prevent checkout scams
Identify and prevent common fraud schemes such as barcode replacements and weight misdeclarations.
Reduce manual supervision
Automate transactions to reduce the need for employee assistance, lower staff costs, and boost efficiency.
Enhance operational efficiency
Streamline checkout processes and minimize errors, leading to faster and more accurate transactions.
Increase security
Real-time alerts and monitoring enhance store security and reduce losses.

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Key Features

Explore how Crime Predictor uses AI for product recognition, real-time monitoring, fraud detection, and automated alerts to enhance retail security and efficiency.

Multi-Layered Recognition

Uses both barcode and visual recognition to accurately identify each product, preventing barcode switching and other common fraud tactics.

Real-Time Behavior Analysis

Monitors customer behavior at checkout in real-time to detect unusual patterns and potential fraud instantly.

Intelligent Fraud Detection

Employs advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and flag suspicious transactions, ensuring swift response to fraud attempts.

Seamless System Integration

Integrates effortlessly with existing Retail CRM and POS systems, providing a cohesive and comprehensive security solution.

Automated Alert System

Automatically notifies store personnel of potential issues, enabling immediate corrective action and minimizing losses.

Continuous Learning

Continuously learns and adapts from new data, enhancing its accuracy and efficiency over time, and staying ahead of evolving fraud tactics.


Quick Overview

Quickly find detailed answers about Crime Predictor, from product capabilities to integration and operational benefits, providing all the information you need to see how it can transform your retail security.

How It Works?

Crime Predictor in four steps.

Product Recognition

A checkout camera recognizes each product not only by its barcode but also by its physical characteristics using advanced computer vision technology.

Barcode and Item Matching

The AI matches barcode scans with visual recognitions to ensure the scanned item matches the visual appearance of the product.


The AI notifies the shopper or store personnel if any product was not scanned correctly or if there’s a mismatch.

Correction and Completion

The shopper corrects their basket if necessary and completes their transaction, ensuring accurate and secure checkouts.

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